Watch it again: Mid-Autumn goes global in festive special
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Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most significant traditional Chinese festivals, falls on Sept 21 this year.

Four days ahead of the festival, China Daily app is launching this special program – Time to bond – as we're going to connect with people around the world to find out how they observe this traditional holiday.

We'll hear from guests based in France, South Africa, South Korea, Argentina and the United States.

Not everyone has the chance to be with their loved ones at such a holiday meant for family reunion. If you're spending the holiday away from home, don't worry – we’ll be together with you.

赵锡琴: good
Zeus: We went to see the full moon together
Chloe: I can't wait to welcome the day!hahaha
epoh: Imissmyfamily
little star: Happy Mid Autumn Festival!
轻舟G: Happy
潮汐: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
九月: Don't worry, we'll be together with you.
WangXY: I am just looking forward to the holiday
不知道: Time to bond
Joe: great greetings from Shenzhen
mumu: Wow , it's wonderful
jsyz: The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the same moment
ÄÅÀÁÂÃ: Time to bond ,time to taste moon cake
Haoxiao: 节日快乐
Ronronner~: We will be togetger!
WGW: nice
Haoxiao: 祝国外的朋友都顺利平安
Fieshy: Mr.Zhao.Take good care of your family and yourself carefully, and you will be back one day!
余远周: 南京打卡
LAGi~: 嗦嘎
奶斯兔米忒鱿ㅤྀི: 好厉害
youyou: Yes,I am here.
Haoxiao: I wish my family good health
benzyl: glad to see that
毅: time to bond
__xxxx4__: anyone here?
youyou: wow,it sounds great.
Haoxiao: Happy Mid Autumn Festival
furo baby: I will look forward to it