Terms of service and privacy policy

I. Confirmation and acceptance of terms of service

Before you decide to be a China Daily App user, please read the terms of service carefully and only register after you fully agree to the terms. You can use our services only after you register as a user, and you must completely and strictly comply with the terms of service when using China Daily App's services.

II. Rules about user registration for China Daily App

1. When you register as a user of China Daily App, all the information you provide must be true and valid, otherwise China Daily App has the right to reject your application or revoke your user status without any compensation or refunding the service fee. If your user information changes, you should change the registered personal information in time. Any incomplete or unsuccessful exercise of user right due to untimely change of user information is the sole responsibility of the user, and China Daily App has the right to revoke his/her user status without any compensation or refunding the service fee.
2. User right is exclusive to one username and cannot be transferred to other usernames.
3. If the user violates the terms of service, China Daily App has the right to revoke his/her user status without any compensation or refunding the service fee.
4. If the user does not agree to the revision of the terms of service, he/she can terminate the user status but the paid service fee will not be refunded.

III. Account number, password and security of registered user

Once your registration is successful, you will become a legal registered user of China Daily App. Users can change their password whenever they want. Registered user will bear all responsibilities for his/her username, password security and all activities and events conducted under the username. Registered user should notify China Daily App of any illegal use of the registered account or any security flaw immediately.

IV. Privacy policy

China Daily App respects the users' privacy and will not disclose their personal information or change their registered information without authorization unless it:
1. Has obtained the user's explicit authorization beforehand;
2. Is required by relevant laws and regulations;
3. Is requested by competent government authorities;
4. Has to protect public interests.

V. Disclaimer

1. China Daily App bears no responsibility for any direct, indirect, contingent, special and consequent damages or any compensation. Such damages can include but not limited to network failure, illegal downloading, use of service contents provided by China Daily App, online purchase of goods or similar services, online trade, illegal use of service, etc.
2. China Daily App bears no responsibility for any personal or financial loss, damage or injury to the user during the use of services provided by the App regardless of the reason. If the user shares his/her password or registered account with others, the App bears no responsibility for the leak of any personal information.
3. Users should bear full responsibility for their behaviors and actions (whether intentional or not) when using services provided by China Daily App.
4. Users should bear full responsibility for the contents they publish on China Daily App and vouch for the verity and reliability of the personal information they provide, including name, ID number, current address and contact information.
5. China Daily App bears no responsibility and provides no compensation for service suspension and loss or damage of users' personal data and materials resulting from server crash, network failure, database failure, software upgrade or other problems.
6. If judicial bodies legally request China Daily App to disclose users' personal information, we will provide such information upon the request or for the purpose of public security. The App is absolved for any disclosure under such circumstances.

VI. Copyright of service contents

1. All service contents provided by China Daily App to its users (including but not limited to text, photo, graph, image, diagram, sound, FLASH, video and audio) are under copyright protection. The contents belong to China Daily App or are used with a third party's authorization. Users should not copy or re-create those contents or create any derivative product related with them without authorization.
2. Anyone who logs in to China Daily App in any way and directly or indirectly uses its contents is regarded as accepting out of their own accord the restrictions announced by the App. For matters not covered in this announcement, reference should be made to national laws and regulations. If this announcement conflicts with any national law or regulation, the latter shall prevail.

VII. Supplementary provisions

1. The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this agreement and settlement of any dispute are governed by laws of the People's Republic of China.
2. If any provision of this agreement becomes fully or partially invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain valid and binding.
3. This announcement and the right of its revision, update and final interpretation belong to China Daily App.